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Amanda Beth

Prayer Request

I’d love to pray for you! Send me your prayer requests in the comment section or through one of the addresses below.

Jesus said, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

I want to stand in agreement with you for your prayers to be answered according to the Word of God.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” (John 14:12-24)

Believe Jesus. He is faithful to His Word!

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Amanda Beth


12 comments on “Prayer Request

  1. awakening in my family and also my heart for a hunger to know and love God more and more!!!

  2. Amanda Beth on said:

    Thanks for sharing your prayer request, Karen! I would love to pray with you.
    Heavenly Father,
    We praise You that You are hearing this prayer. We lift up Karen and her family. Pour out Your Spirit on all the members of her household. Bring a spiritual revival to her family like nothing they’ve ever experienced. Draw their hearts to You and give them a deep hunger for Your Holy Word. We praise You that You are faithful to Your Word. We believe this prayer according to Your Word will not return void, but will prosper in Karen and her family’s lives. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  3. Curtis Mazurkewich on said:

    I need prayer for school, returning to Bible College after being out of school for 30 years and pretty much everything I learned in school does not even apply anymore, its more like starting all over again.

  4. Amanda Beth on said:

    Hi Curtis! Thanks for sharing your prayer request. Congrats on going to Bible College. I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you and teach you everything you need to know. 🙂

    Heavenly Father,
    We praise You for being here with Curtis and leading him to Bible College. Jesus said in John 14:26, “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” Let Your Spirit lead Curtis, teach him and remind him of all Jesus’ teachings. Grant him wisdom to do Your will. Minister to him through his college classes, and fully equip him to do the work You are calling him to do.
    In Jesus name, we praise You for hearing and answering this prayer! Amen!

    Thanks for writing me. Many blessings to you on your new journey!
    Your sister in Christ,

  5. Donna on said:

    Hi Amanda, I am asking for prayer because I believe God’s Word and what He says about healing. I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease(they are not sure which one exactly), and a fatal, incurable lung disease. I believe God’s Word and that He will heal me, but I ask if you can pray and believe that He will manifest His healing power in my body. Right now I have symptoms in my body daily and struggle to breathe. I have read your posts and testimonies about healing and they have greatly encouraged me. thank you.

  6. Amanda Beth on said:

    Hi Donna! I am so sorry you are going through all that! God is faithful to His Word. I would be happy to stand with you in prayer believing for your healing.

    Heavenly Father,
    We enter Your gates with praise for hearing and answering our prayers. Your Word says that You forgive all our sins and heal all our diseases. You redeem our life from the pit and crown us with love and compassion. You satisfy our desires with good things so that our youth is renewed liked the eagle’s. (Psalm 103:1-5). Let Your will manifest in Donna’s body right now. Restore her health and completely renew her. Jesus never turned away anyone that needed healing. We believe He will not turn Donna away, but will completely heal her. You are faithful to Your Word. We stand together believing Your Word will not return void but will bring complete healing to Donna. In Jesus’ faithful name we pray. Amen!

    Standing with you in prayer 🙂
    Your sister in Christ!

  7. Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar on said:


    Dear Sister Amanda Beth!

    Greetings from PSSWS Pakistan!

    Today I’m much happy after visit your website and reading your all ministry activities you are doing in worldwide. How are you and your sound health? How are your Children? How are your life and ministry activities? We will continually pray for you & your all family members, best friends, relatives, c-coworkers and for the great God’s people? We don’t forget to you and your all family members? I know that everyone is doing well there? Everyone is doing well here too?

    The PSSWS have urgent need 200 Urdu Bibles for distribution among with unable purchased Urdu Bibles and especially for Sunday, primary school children and poor Christian families etc. I request to you please provide us (200 Urdu Bibles Cost Money $1400 as you would like). Do you possible to recommend our ministry needs among with onto all your best, friends, co-worker and all Missionaries, Evangelists, Pastors, Elders, Ministries, Churches, Organizations, Religious Denominations, Congregations and servant or minister of God in your country etc.

    I pray that your consideration will have His mark over your decision. I hope that you will consider me for this precious work of Lord. I know that at this time Holy Spirit allow or guide you and I hope very soon God give you opportunity, direction then you will consider our sympathetically request. I have asked you many questions without your permission. Please forgive me in this matter. I hope you don’t mind in this matter. My answer the question is given below:-

    01. Are you willing, interesting provide us 200 Urdu Bibles?
    02. Are possible to provide us 200 Urdu Bibles Cost $1400?
    04. Do you possible to provide or arrangements 200 Urdu Bibles?
    05. Do you possible to provide 200 Urdu Bibles cost $1400through (Western Union or Money Gram). Then I will purchase here in Pakistan?

    Maybe can you recommend our 200 Urdu Bibles Distributions Programs among with your own church, ministry board members and especially with other Churches, Organizations, ministries and rich families? I hope and believe in Christ you don’t disappoint to me in this matter. I know that you are interesting, willing to giving us one-time financial gifts and Love offerings and I hope you don’t hesitate sending financial help through transfer to our electronic funding account or (Western Union or Money Gram) please see information given below:-

    1. Account-holder: Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar
    2. Account: National Bank of Pakistan Jhumra City Branch Pakistan
    3. Account Number: 11410-3
    4. International Swift Code: NBPAPKKAX02F

    Please do keep this Ministry in your prayers. We have opportunities to impact many thousands of lives this year. We really do value your prayer partnership. I will continue to send out the ministry report, information and most urgent monthly needs etc. Please share with all your friends and groups. What a joy it is to share with you once again. Please be blessed and share with all your friends. Please pray for the various personnel and departments of The PSSWS Ministry as they continue to work to touch people in many nations. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we move forwards in 2013 to impact many more lives for Jesus Christ.

    We are trusting in the Lord to supply our needs and thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support that the work of God might prosper. We believe that God will direct us rightly to do what He wants to glorify Jesus name. I hope that you would make your efforts to help our small ministry as much you can through any other body or organizations. We do hope that God will open the door for us to have assistance to do it more accurately. We always lift up in our daily prayer and also know that you are in our hear

    t, mind, and thoughts in Christ. May God be with you and se you more in the vineyard for Christ to save millions soul. May God strengthen and encourage you all and keep on serving him in others. With love and much your regulars help our ministry and your commitment with me? My prayers are with you, and so are my blessings. May God grant you a great harvest as you plant and water for Him!

    Yours Sincerely in Christ!

    Reverend Pervaiz Khokhar
    The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services
    Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7
    Jhumra City 37700
    Telephone: +92-41-8527541
    Mobilephone: +92-300-7914561

  8. Amanda Beth on said:

    Thank you for writing me. I don’t have the resources to provide anything right now. But I will pray about it and pray for God’s provision. Blessings to your ministry!

  9. Svetlana on said:

    I’m with cancer of the mammary glands and kidney disease. Pray for me that I became healthy, please.

  10. Amanda Beth on said:

    I will pray with you, Svetlana! 🙂

    Heavenly Father,
    We praise You that if we ask anything according to Your will, You hear us. And if we know that You hear us, whatever we ask we know that we have received it (1 John 5:14-15). Your will is Your Word. And Your Word says that You forgive all our sins and heal all our diseases (Psalm 103:3). So we ask and believe for Your healing over Svetlana. By the name of Jesus cancer would be removed from her body. We praise You that You are faithful to Your Word. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen!

    Believing with you for your healing!
    Your sister in Christ,

  11. Hi Amanda Beth,
    Thank you for being a beacon of light and for your faithfulness to the uplifting Word of God. I was born with a rare disease in which the doctors have no cure. I cannot remember a time in my life that I wasn’t in pain. Joints throughout my body dislocate every day; (I’ve had numerous surgeries to help hold me together). I cry out during the night from pain. But, I refuse to give up…I know God heals. I do art, and write (books, poems, and lyrics) all while confined to bed. I long for the day when I am healed…when there is no more pain, and no more surgeries. I would appreciate your prayers very much (and I also ask for prayers from those who read this post).
    I hope you and your loved ones have a very peace-filled and joyous Christmas!
    God Bless,

  12. Amanda Beth on said:

    Hi Denise,
    I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. It breaks my heart. I am praying for God to reveal through His Word all that He has done for you. I’ve learned through the times when I am praying for Him to move, that I find out it was already given to me all along. That revelation has been huge for me. I know it will be for you too. Just keep seeking Him for the truth. He deeply cares for you. He is a faithful, loving father who has provided us with everything we need. He won’t fail you. He is faithful.
    Blessings and prayers to you:)

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