Monday’s Blog: Is it God who’s late?

Have you ever received a provision or blessing from God and thought, “I really could have used this a couple weeks ago. Why did it come so late?”

My parents have been going back and forth for several months about whether or not they should sell their house. They finally came to an agreement to call their realtor and see if it was the right time. After talking to their realtor they decided to wait a few more days to decide if they should go ahead with it. After a few days, they called their realtor and asked if they could wait a week before putting it on the market. A few days before it was going to be listed, their realtor informed them of a pastor and his wife that had been looking for a home in their neighborhood. The couple needed to move to that area, but they hadn’t been able to find anything. So they recently pulled their house off the market and stopped looking. The realtor asked my parents if the pastor’s family could look at the house that evening. My parents agreed and the pastor and his family walked through the house and loved it. It was exactly what they’d been waiting for. That same night they made an offer and my parents accepted.

I thought about how many times we’ve prayed for something that we knew was in God’s will, but it didn’t happen when expected. It may be that we weren’t waiting for God to move, but God was waiting for someone else to move through.

A couple years ago, I prayed for God to send me provision for a need I had. Several weeks later, I received His provision through a friend of mine. When my friend blessed me with God’s provision, she expressed, “I am so sorry. God spoke to me to give this to you several weeks ago. But I got busy and I kept putting it off.”

God works through people. Sometimes it takes a while to get us moving and do what God instructs us to.

A couple weeks ago, my husband went to the mall to return something he bought online. When he left the mall, we checked the receipt and found they gave him $30 more than he purchased it for online. Instead of returning the cash right away, I thought I’d inquire about it online. I got busy during the week and put it off for a few days. When I got around to emailing them, they informed me to go back to the store and talk to the manager. I didn’t want to go back to the mall, so I put it off again.

I got a call a few days later from my parents. They invited me to meet them at that mall. I knew God was reminding me to get moving and return that money. I went to the mall and told the cashier about the mistake and returned the $30. I thought the girl was going to jump up and hug me. She was ecstatic. She told me that she was the one who gave my husband the wrong return amount. She said they had spent hours trying to figure out why they were $30 short. I felt bad and apologized for being so late. She replied that she was just happy I came back and it worked out.

When God is speaking to us to move and deliver His provision to someone, it’s best to obey right away. When we have a need and God’s provision takes a little longer than we expect, it’s encouraging to know that He will still come through and work everything out for our good.

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.

Psalm 119:60


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